I’m Back!

Yes, yes, I know it’s been a while since I’ve written something. I promise I haven’t forgotten about this blog, I’ve been incredibly busy lately and simply haven’t had enough time to write about what’s been going on. The silver lining to this, however, is that I now have a lot to write about! Over the past six weeks I turned 21 years old, travelled to Kentucky to view the totality of the solar eclipse, began an internship with a local marketing agency, got a new roommate, saw one of my all time favorite bands in concert, and started my junior year at Purdue University. With all of this going on, I’ve certainly been running around quite a bit, but it’s also an incredibly exciting time in my life. I’ll touch on all of this pretty briefly. I’ll try to keep it relatively short, but I’ve been gone for a while, so apologies for the potential length of this post. Now, I don’t think every one of those things deserves its own blog post, but I’ll definitely write in more detail about a couple of them in separate entries.

We can start with turning 21, I suppose. The last big birthday in some people’s mind. I didn’t really see this birthday as the end of an era as much as I did the true beginning of my adulthood. No longer do I have age restrictions (renting cars and condos not withstanding) on anything! Casinos, bars, festivals, no longer do I have to check the age for an event that I want to attend, and I think that’s the part that I am most excited about. Now, since I’m a townie, I live in the campus area year round, which means when I turned 21 the campus bars were pretty dead, so it was hardly The Hangover-esque. I still had a good time though, my best friends were all there, and we spent the following weekend down in Indianapolis at the bars. Not too much to talk about from my birthday to be honest, but when it comes to 21st birthdays, is that actually a bad thing?

I don’t want to spend a lot of time here talking about the solar eclipse because it was such an amazing moment and adventure that to really do it justice, I’ll need to give it its own rambling post. In short, though, it was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. My girlfriend and I drove for 15 hours that day just to see 2 minutes and 47 seconds of a miracle, and I regret absolutely nothing. The eclipse just happened to start on the first day of classes at Purdue, so we both had to email our professors to tell them that we wouldn’t be there, and thankfully none of them had a problem with it (two of them actually told us they’d rather us go then come to class). If I stay on this much longer though, I’m going to get carried away, so moving on.

All summer I was fretting about getting a job or internship in my field, and was struggling to even hear back from anybody. That is until I got an email from a marketing agency in downtown Lafayette, called Find8 Digital Marketing. I’m now a social media intern working with various clients on, well, their social media. I’ll write more about this one in its own post as well, as it’s a pretty pivotal moment for me (at least I think so) so I’d like to put quite a bit in for it.

My new roommate came in the week before school started. He’s now the third person to live in that bedroom (I promise it’s not haunted or cursed) a random. He seems cool, so he can stay ha. He’s a year younger than I am, and from Chicago. He’s currently rushing, so we’ll see where that goes, but you can probably expect Perry to pop up in the occasional post from here on out. As for myself entering my junior year at Purdue, I’m now officially in the Brian Lamb School of Communication, and I’m now fully immersed in the study of Public Relations, so far so good! We’ll see where these classes take me, but so far I like them quite well.

Last, but certainly not least: Simple Plan. Simple Plan has been one of my favorite bands for as long as I’ve been old enough to enjoy music. They had just enough angst in their music to get me through some of the darkest times in my life and it was absolutely amazing to get to see them in person. My girlfriend Kelsey got the tickets for us for my birthday. Now that I’m thinking about it and writing about it, I feel like this deserves its own blog post too. Let’s just say it was the best show I’ve ever been to. There’s simply too much to talk about here, so apologies on yet another cliffhanger.

So, this blog post ended up being a mix between a summary and a bunch of trailers for upcoming posts. My bad. In the future I’ll try not to let so much awesome stuff build up without writing about it. Though this post was a bit longer than I thought it was going to be when I first sat down, I think it did well at what it was supposed to do, basically proving that I still exist and giving an excuse as to why I haven’t been writing. I better wrap this up because it’s getting a bit rambly, so until next time.


Brock Martin

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