When Dreams Do Come True

7 a.m. — time to wake up. Another long day awaits Abigail Kuenster. She stares at the ceiling for a few minutes, running through her day and building the wherewithal to take it on. Class until 10, workout, back to class, lunch, study table, practice, team dinner, Com Day meeting, homework. It’s going to be […]

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PRSSA National Conference 2018

Austin, Texas. The fastest growing city in America and a hub of culture and the arts. Also, the location of the 2018 PRSA and PRSSA National Conference. The upcoming week is one that will be filled with great learning experiences and memories to be made. So here’s a series of blog posts documenting my experience […]

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Homelessness in Your Own Backyard

Every night in the Greater Lafayette Area, 50-60 people sleep with no shelter in conditions “unsuitable to sustain life”. These being literally on a park bench, under a bridge, or curled up in an alley. When I heard this statistic, I was stunned. We’ve all seen people experiencing homelessness before, but I had no idea […]

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A Taste of Feature Writing

According to my Introduction to PR professor last semester, it’s one of the most vital forms of writing in the PR specialist’s arsenal. Features are a form of soft news, that often delve into a specific topic to inform the audience about it. I say soft news, opposed to hard news. Hard news is often […]

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